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Obsługa celno-fiskalna

We offer complex customs brokerage service:

  • Carrying out customs clearances under the transit procedure as well as under the release for circulation procedure and export procedure.
  • Customs clearances under the simplified procedure with deferred VAT payment.
  • Paying customs duties, tax obligations and other charges related to declaring goods in the Customs Office on behalf of our customers.
  • Submitting collaterals for customs debt under the transit procedure and release for circulation procedure.
  • All other customs trade procedures (bonded warehouse procedures, temporary customs clearances, inward and outward processing procedures).
  • Personal effects customs clearances.
  • Legalizing of commercial documents.
  • Arranging certification from Sanepid (Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection), WIOR (Regional Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection), Wijhars WIS (Regional Agricultural and Food Quality Inspection).
  • Obtaining import licenses from Ministry of Economy.
  • Preparing INTRASTAT declaration.
  • Filling Certificate of Origin, EUR.1, Certificates of Origin, A.TR, documents INF T5 and applications WPR1
  • Fiscal Representation in all EU countries.
  • Declaring goods for inspection by the aforementioned authorities to obtain documents necessary to trade in those goods in Poland.

Choosing a customs broker is an important decision and can often mean the difference between an on-time shipments and costly delays


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