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We think outside the box

Our strategy is individual approach to every project supported by detail marketing analyze.

The developing processes are accelerated by coworkers communication skills and knowledge of the customer expectations. Such approach is guaranty of the high quality. That is why develop tailor solution for our client’s needs.

All orders are carry out with a sufficient flexibility. Two basic factors are basic foundation of PFC: Trust clients backed by experienced and highly motivated people.



Road freight

We provide services of domestic and international road forwarding. We handle all-vehicle and containerized loads.



Rail freight

The kay railway operators, full – load transports of bulk, containerized cargoes, check what else we can do.




We will be happy, to support you in the case of slightest doubt regarding the supply chain branch.



Sea freight

We have been specializing in this for many years, our shipments based on competitive contracts with shipowners arrive quickly and safely.



Contract logistics

We offer a whole range od additional services that reduce costa and/or are added value in our offer.



Port handling

Service in the port is a range of specialist activities that affect both the cost and time of the entire process, as well as the safety of the cargo itself.



Air freight

If there is no time and the parcel was to be delivered yesterday, there is only one option remained… We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer.




Full suppport for one of the most critical links in the supply chain, check our options.



Cargo insurance

Thanks to the cooperation with a reputable broker, we are able to increase your insurance by, for example: the risk of war and strikes.